About me

Melissa’s writing career started in journalism at 16, reviewing bands for her local newspaper. She worked as a freelance journalist for two years and in that time wrote over 100 articles for national newspapers and magazine. Publications contributed to include: The Guardian, Daily Express, Now, Woman’s Fitness, Ok! Magazine, Natural Health. During this time, she was shortlisted for the National Education Journalism Awards and she won the National Epilepsy’s Journalist of the Year award for responsible and accurate reporting about the condition.

Melissa’s career then branched out into copywriting and public relations. She has worked as a copywriter for a spa resort, a national college for teachers, and a FTSE 100 company. She is now a senior communications manager for The Open University, leading on telling the university’s story to as many people as possible.

Melissa has dealt with several episodes of mental health problems, including a period of agoraphobic where she was unable to leave her home. In 2008, Melissa wrote a self-help book with Sheldon Press called Overcoming Agoraphobia.

Today, when Melissa is not struggling to stay awake daylight hours, she is burning the midnight oil writing short fiction and working on her debut novel. Melissa has recently completed a Masters in Creative Writing specialising in horror fiction

Melissa haunts deepest, darkest Bedfordshire with her husband, daughter and two black cats.